Welcome to Sender Ebikes! We are the founders of Sender Electric, Gene (left) and Drew (right). Our friendship began when we started riding ebikes together in the Southern California. When riding ebikes, we both found the feeling of freedom exhilarating - like nothing else we had experienced before.  So we set out on a journey to build our own ebikes and to share with the world that feeling we now cannot stop chasing.


Sender E-bikes started with a frame and a dream. By an almost divine stroke of luck, we found some amazing ebike frames. While in the pandemic lockdown, the experiments began in Gene’s garage. Gene started putting different ebike parts on the frames while Drew rigorously tested the ebike’s integrity every step of the way. We didn’t stop until we had a fully functional, fully capable, head-turning machine – we had built The Ultimate Ebike. After one of our test rides, Drew exclaimed, “This thing sends! It’s a Sender!” and the rest is history.


Our Mission

To provide access to high quality, affordable ebikes that are safe, fast and powerful. 

We believe everyone should have access to high quality, affordable ebikes that are safe and provide the rider a feeling of satisfaction like nothing else they’ve experienced.  We believe that safety and sending it can go hand-in-hand, which is why when someone gets on a Sender, they can ride with confidence, knowing that every component on the bike has been tested repeatedly through various terrains.


Our Values

High Quality

We believe in building our e-bikes with the latest and best components.  All of our e-bikes are equipped with high-quality brakes, motors, batteries, and more! 


We believe riding e-bikes is for everyone, which is why we offer the most competitive prices on the market.  We even offer financing! Contact our team now to learn more.


We believe that maintenance and safety go hand in hand in towards minimizing risk of injury to the riders. That’s why we are reaching out to local communities to develop maintenance and safety trainings for e-bike riders of all ages.


We believe there is no better feeling than sending it! We practice what we preach. Check out our social media, blog or newsletter for updates on how we send it.